Friday 25 October 2013

Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Last week I wrote a piece about the phenomenon that is Katz's Deli.  However, it's not really fair to tell you about how awesome Katz's is without making reference to their equally awesome (but very different) neighbour: Il Laboratorio del Gelato
It's incredible.  Simply incredible. 
More and more ice cream shops – or gelateria, as they ought properly be known – are popping up, in London, New York, Paris and beyond.  In Argentina, earlier in the year, we noticed that they're big business now – always have been, sure, but now all the more so.  In Cuba, they're huge – simply part of the fabric of an otherwise simple life.  Even in the rain and cold of autumnal London you're likely to find a queue outside the inimitable Scoop in Covent Garden.  Even Borough Market now has one, trading six days a week.

So what makes Il Laboratorio so special?  Simple: It's the sheer choice. 
With 275 (and counting) flavours, you're bound to find something you'll want.  In fact, finding something you want won’t be the problem; finding something you don’t want will be.
I settled for a combo of Guinness (Yes, that's right, Irish stout ice cream.  What's your question?) and malt (which was basically just a scoop of the inside of Malteasers – heaven). GrubsterGirl had thyme and basil. 
And they were all fantastic.  Not just good, fantastic.
So, if you're going to Katz's (which I cannot recommend enough) then please, please, save a little bit of room.  Just a little.  Or crank open the door to that spare pudding stomach we all know you have.  Because you just have to drop into the unassuming little shop next door for a couple of scoops of the Italian stuff.
 -GrubsterBoy -

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