The Grubsters are a food and drink blogging combo extraordinaire

GrubsterBoy lists pizza, chilli, steak, ice cream, pork scratchings and GrubsterGirl amongst his favourite things in the whole wide world.  On the drinking front, he is impartial to a good tot of whisky of really any kind, but has really moved onto the American stuff - although there'll always be a place in his heart for scotch, especially when it's that ultra-peaty-burn-all-your-tastebuds-off kind.  Hobbies largely revolve around food as well, whether that be trawling through London's umpteen food markets, attempting weird and wonderful recipes or trekking across town for some elusive ingredient.  As well as cooking, he loves to stick stuff in jars, including making jams, chutneys and preserves, canning, and especially pickling.

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This blog really exists to cover the whole range of food and drink related stuff, whether that is something you knock up on a Friday night after eight pints or a meal for two in a Michelin starred restaurant; a bargain sandwhich from the local deli or the finset beluga caviar from Fortnums.  We tend to travel a bit, but upload reviews and articles if-and-when we get the time.  So if things don't always seem in order, well...

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to drop one of us a line, either through Twitter or through our Contact page.

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