Tuesday 3 March 2015

Coffee Club: Climpson & Sons

OriginClimpson & Sons, Hackney (purchased Melrose & Morgan, Hampstead)
Coffee: The Baron – a blend of 50/50 Thai Doi Chaang and Ethiopian Oromia Sidamo
Price (per 250g): £7.45

Again, labelled with the date of roasting, which is a nice touch (and again, the review is a bit out of date - one could see I was drip filtering feeding these reviews...)

Strong, bitter, punchy coffee.  Powerful – a good thing for a morning brew (which is when I drink my coffee).  Lots of spice and darkness, but then it is an espresso blend so that's probably to be expected.  Our resident coffee expert, @jonnyolly, said "Why is this coffee so angry?  I am getting peppery notes and an essence of barbed-wire. This is the coffee that mythical dragons would drink whilst guarding a damsel's keep. Earthy and angry." Then he went on to say: "This is the coffee drank by Dante as he wrote about the inner layers of hell."  I'm pretty much happy with these as an accurate description – although for Jono that was a bad thing, and for me that was a good thing...  Furthermore, I did not agree with his final word on the matter: "This coffee is like restoring a grand piano and playing chopsticks on it (angrily)."

More positive notes came from another club founding member, David: "This is the coffee of Hemingway – clear, crisp and to the point but, at the same time, captivating and delicious."  Again, not a description I would disagree with.

A controversial coffee, which can't really be a bad thing – even the detractor of our group said that it was a coffee that should be sampled.

Score: 7/10 - Divisive: some loved it, some hated it, sort of like Marmite.

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