Friday 20 June 2014

Moxon's Fish Bar

Friday is, traditionally, fish day.  Here's where you should get yourself some.

Moxon's has been around for ages.  It's a Clapham institution.  Tucked around the corner from Clapham South Tube, it's South West London's finest purveyor of wonderfully fresh fish and seafood.  My experience, also, is that they've yet to be flummoxed by an order.  You give them time, they can probably get it for you. 

What I hadn’t experienced, until very recently, is their fish and chips.  Sharing space on Balham Hill with a Chinese takeaway and a kebab shop that looks like it’s really pushing the boundaries of acceptable sanitation, Moxon's Fish Bar is a little slice of takeaway heaven.  Always crammed with hungry punters, you're a lucky soul (or sole – a-ha!) if you can squeeze yourself into the single, diminutive table.  But once you've grabbed it you're in for a treat. 

Moxon's is now selling what I am convinced is London's best fish and chips.  Yes, I know that's a big statement.  No, I don’t care.  Because I'm pretty sure I'm right.  The fish tastes so fresh it's hard to believe that you're so many miles from the sea.  The chips are perfect chippy chips.  The batter is light and crisp.  It's just bloody brilliant.

Go.  Go now.

 - GrubsterBoy

BTW: Anyone know what on earth this is supposed to be?  I aint touching it.

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