Thursday 5 September 2013

Burger & Lobster

Look, I know I'm coming to this party a little bit late, but really: Burger & Lobster is awesome.

The menu (or lack thereof) is pretty well known by now.  There are three choices: whole lobster, whole lobster in a roll, or a burger.  Each one costs a flat £20. 

Which leads me to ask the question that I was sorely tempted to ask the scoffers next to us: why oh why oh why would you pay twenty quid for a burger?  And, really, why would you not order a twenty quid lobster?  Because that is a bargain.  I was forced to conclude that they don’t really like food that much.

GrubsterGirl was sensible an ordered up the grilled lobster.  Essentially, all of their lobsters are steamed in massive industrial steamers.  You can either have it straight away (broiled) or you can send it off to be blackened, which is where the beast is lobbed onto a big charcoal grill for a bit of singeing before it's cracked and dumped on your plate, together with a mound of fries and salad.
I went for the lobster roll.  Yum yum yum.

In fairness, there's nothing wrong with the lobster roll option and, despite my describing the lobster-in-a-shell option as GG being "sensible", I wouldn’t call the lobster roll "un-sensible".  After all, that's a whole lobster-worth of meat in that roll. 

Which is kinda the downside.  Because you want to know that you're eating a proper big lobster, not have it hammered home to you that the great crustacean holds less meat than a quarter pounder patty.  What's more, you're going to end up a bit bored if you play it like we did; I finished my meal about twenty minutes before GG did.  You see, a whole lobster takes a while to eat – there's all the mucking about with crackers and claw picks – whereas basically you could push a whole lobster roll into your mouth in one. 

Which is pretty much what you're going to want to do.  Because this is some good lobster.  This is a bun filled with solid, rich, sweet, salty lobster meat, doused in sauce, and served up piping hot.  And it don’t get much better than that.  Especially this far from the sea.

 - GrubsterBoy -

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