Tuesday 23 July 2013

Smoked Bacon Infused Bourbon

A little while ago I stumbled across this recipe for smokey bacon infused bourbon.  This is a medly of two of life's greatest things: bourbon and bacon.  As a friend of mine, a professional wine merchant no loss, so someone who knows his drinks (and his palate), put it: "Bacon good, bourbon good, bacon-bourbon? What's not to like surely?

Being an Old Fashioned fan (and a serious one) I had this beautiful vision of making a bacon old fashioned with maple syrup, burnt orange peel and chipotle infused ice.  It was going to be EPIC.  I was going to win a prize.

So I was slightly deflated when I came across this at the weekend:

It's a Porky's Revenge, produced by those wonderful folks at The Dime Bar & Diner.  It's basically exactly as I've described above, with the exception that it doesn't include the chipotle ice (that's my shout).  Damn. 

Still, I had to try it – if for no other reason that research.

Presentation: 10 out of 10.  Cut glass (effect) tumbler, great garnish (that's a slice of apple and a slice of smoked cheese.  No, seriously, that's smoked cheese.  What kind of genius garnishes a smoked bacon Old Fashioned with smoked cheese?).  Looks pretty.

Taste: This was, genuinely, one of life's bitterest disappointments.  Because it tasted absolutely fucking disgusting.  I couldn’t even finish it, seriously.  So, no.  Just no.  Sorry, Dime Bar, you're great in many other ways, but how can you possibly drink this?

- GrubsterBoy -

Postsrcipt, 12 August 2013: I found myself having Sunday lunch at The Avalon recently, and ordering the obligatory Sunday Lunch Bloody Mary, upon which I was asked to request spirits, the choice being: ordinary vodka, bacon infused vodka or bacon infused bourbon.  Still smarting from my Dime Bar experience I was cautious.  However, feigning ignorance and interest, I requested a sample of the bacon infused bourbon to test.  I can now safely say that it is still absolutely fucking disgusting.  I was also given a shot glass sample of the bacon infused bourbon with Bloody Mary mix.  This does not improve bacon infused bourbon.  Not one bit.

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