Tuesday 5 May 2015

Coffee Club: Monmouth Coffee

Origin: Monmouth Coffee Company
Coffee: Caturra and Bourbon, Guatemala
Price (per 250g): £6.00

Ah Monmouth.  How I love thee.  I have, in fact, already written a missive of love about thee.

This was a tough roast - seriously dark, full bodied, and with next to no acidity.  Rich and uncompromising, it's a bit like that 97% cocoa chocolate you can buy - it's seriously impressive but one wonders if it actually needs to be quite that punchy.  What acidity existed was a fruity acidity, rather than being citrusy.

Jono liked it, describing it as having "latino notes evoking tempestuous women and the vigour of a matador" (he got the wrong Central American  country; matadors are more prevalent in Mexico rather than Guate) and gave it 8 out of 10, before downgrading it to 7 for the crime of having a disappointingly short after taste (I disagree).  But again, we saw a slight divide between the full bodied brigade and the zingy acidity club.  Emily's review contained less guff than Jono's and was generally more descriptive: "sour cherries and burnt toast with a slightly smoky aftertaste. It's bold, but I'm not so sure it's beautiful."

Score: 7.5/10

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